Get a list of warehouses

/channels (GET)

/warehouses (GET)

/orders (GET)

/shipments (POST)

/products (GET)

/inventory (GET)

Warehouse properties

Parameter Description Type
uuid Warehouse identifier String
name Name of the warehouse String
inventory_master Type of warehouse
Sellbrite: Any warehouse that is non-FBA
Amazon: Fulfilled By Amazon warehouse
address_1 Address of warehouse String
address_2 Additional address information of warehouse String
city City location of warehouse String
state_region State or region of warehouse String
postal_code Postal code of warehouse String
country_code Two-letter abbreviated code of country of warehouse String
archived Determines whether warehouse is archived Boolean


🟢 200

Response Body

    uuid: String,
    name: String,
    inventory_master: String,
    address_1: String,
    address_2: String,
    city: String,
    state_region: String,
    postal_code: String,
    country_code: String,
    archived: Boolean

🔴 400

Response Body


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