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Body Params

  shipment: {
    sb_order_seq: int32, (REQUIRED, Sellbrite generated sequence number)
    carrier_name: String, (REQUIRED, Name of the carrier used to ship the order. ("UPS", "USPS", "FedEx", etc.))
    tracking_number: String, (REQUIRED, Tracking number for this shipment)
    items: [ (REQUIRED)
        sku: String, (REQUIRED, SKU of what is being shipped (This needs to match the order item sku. If it does not match, we attempt to match on the inventory_sku. If neither match, an error will be raised))
        quantity: int32 (REQUIRED, Quantity that is being shipped)
    shipping_method: String, (Shipping method of the shipment ("Priority", "2 Day", "Express" etc.))
    warehouse_uuid: String (Warehouse uuid of the warehouse the shipment is shipping from),
    tracking_url: String (Tracking url of the shipment)


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