Upsert a product

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/orders (GET)

/shipments (POST)

/products (GET)

/inventory (GET)

This endpoint will upsert (create or update) a product.

Acceptable http methods are POST, PUT, PATCH.

Use this endpoint to create new individual products. After creating single products, you can group them together with the variation_groups APIs

Parameter ‘name’ only required when creating product.

Path Params

sku: String required

The sku must be unique in your product catalog

Body Params

  name: String, (REQUIRED)
  asin: String,
  condition: String, (Allowed values: "new", "used", "reconditioned")
  brand: String,
  manufacturer: String,
  manufacturer_model_number: String,
  description: String,
  price: String,
  package_length: float,
  package_width: float,
  package_height: float,
  package_unit_of_length: String,
  package_weight: float,
  package_unit_of_weight: String,
  msrp: float,
  category_name: String,
  features: Array of Strings,
  warranty: String,
  condition_note: String,
  upc: String,
  ean: String,
  isbn: String,
  gtin: String,
  epid: String,
  image_list: Array of Strings,
  custom_attributes: Object,
  notes: String


🟢 200

🔴 400

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