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/inventory (GET)

This endpoint will return all your inventory. The inventory can be filtered to return inventory scoped to a specific warehouse if you provide the warehouse_uuid in the query parameters.

Inventory properties

Parameter Description Type
sku Stock keeping unit String
warehouse_uuid Warehouse identifier. See warehouses endpoint. String
on_hand Quantity physically available in the warehouse. String
available Quantity available to ship. (on_hand - reserved) String
reserved Quantity reserved by open orders. String
product_name Product name String
package_length Length of the package Number
package_width Width of package Number
package_height Height of package Number
package_weight Weight of package Number
cost Cost of inventory Number
upc UPC of inventory String
ean EAN of inventory String
isbn ISBN of inventory String
gtin GTIN of inventory String
gcid GCID of inventory String
epid ePID of inventory String
asin ASIN of inventory String
fnsku Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit. The FNSKU is the way that Amazon identifies a product as unique to the seller that has sent it to the Amazon fulfillment center. String
bin_location Bin location of inventory String

Query Params

  limit: String,
  page: String,
  warehouse_uuid: String,
  sku: String,
  created_at_min: date,
  created_at_max: date,
  updated_at_min: date,
  updated_at_max: date


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