Get a list of channels

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/shipments (POST)

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/inventory (GET)

Channel properties

Parameter Description Type
uuid Channel identifier String
name Merchant provided name of the channel String
state Connection status of the channel
active: Channel is active
inactive: Channel has been deactivated by the merchant
disconnected: Channel has been disconnected as a result of an invalid token.
channel_type_display_name Channel type display name (“eBay”, “Amazon”, “Etsy”, etc.) String
created_at When channel was created in Sellbrite (ISO 8601) String
site_id Marketplace region id String
channel_site_region Name of the site region of the channel (“ (United Kingdom)”, “eBay UK”)
For international channels


🟢 200

Response Body

    uuid: String,
    name: String,
    state: String,
    channel_type_display_name: String,
    created_at: String,
    site_id: String,
    channel_site_region: String

🔴 400

Response Body


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