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Update only Product price

Is it possible to update only product price with post request if product sku exist? i dont want to update all product data.

Quantity PUT Updates are Very Delayed

I'll send in a quantity update request and get a body: "request received", however, I won't see the update for almost 10 minutes. This isn't ideal as we've experience over selling items during this large delay. Is there an issue on the server?

Order not found error

i am running a valid json { "items":[ { "sku":"S-1897", "quantity":1 } ], "carrier_name":"USPS", "tracking_number":"\"946121180000001011717\"", "sb_order_seq":"1001" } but i recieve the error { "error": "Order not found" } the sb_order_seq is correct what is causing the issue?

Webflow integration

Q. If we have a webflow ecommerce site - is there a way to integrate those orders into sellbrite so we can use sellbrite to manage workflow and direct those orders to our fullfilment warehouses?

Basic questions for understanding API examples

I'm trying to get started with the APIs and have the following questions: Question 1) There is a discussion on how to use the API Credentials to construct the CURL statement, yet in all of the examples, I don't see the CURL statement Question 2) I will be working with PHP for the APIs. The first line of every example begins with GUZZLE. What is the purpose of this line? Question 3) In the INSTALLATION section, I don't understand the line $ composer require guzzlehttp/guzzle. a) Why the space between $ and composer? b) Is this statement in every API call? c) What content is expected to be placed in guzzlehttp/guzzle and how does it get there? Question 4) There is a line require_once('vendor/autoload.php'); What is content is expected to be saved in this file? Thank you - Lynn

Order not found shipments api

I am getting the response order not found when I submit a valid sequence number. What can I do about this? I even see the same sequence value in the Orders interface. The order is for Buy On Shopping from google. I sent the following json: { "sb_order_seq":2419, "carrier_name":"USPS", "tracking_number":"9461211899561001011717", "items": [ { "sku": "803888", "quantity": 1 } ] }

Mass title template setting

Is there any programmatic way to set the title template used for existing marketplace listings? All we can do is use the website UI and that only accommodates 100 listings at a time. We've got 6700 listings to set to the default title template so it's pretty time consuming.

API Inventory Adjustments

Sellbrite makes it easy for inventory adjustments by uploading a Quantity Adjustment file. However, I don't see that same option with the API. Currently, through the API we have to read the current inventory value, make the quantity adjustments and then PUT the new quantity to Sellbrite. This read/write process is slow and takes about 1 second per SKU and very slow when adjusting a lot of product SKUs. Does the API support putting a quantity adjustment the same as uploading a Quantity Adjustment file? If not, is this option on the roadmap?

Bulk Products Updates

Is there a way to send batches of products to update in a single request? With the rate limitations of the API it's going to take a very long time to update 10k products which I unfortunately have to contend with.

Is it possible to send a Inventory PUT request with a '0' in available quantity?

We have a separate sales avenue that is placing orders into our system that will be reducing inventory daily. Periodically we need to be able to synchronize the true available quantity of the inventory to make sure the separate avenue doesn't leave Sellbrite out of sync.