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Get products/ api call issue.

I am using "GET" products/{SKU} api to get the details from Sellbrite. In process , I am getting 403 [ Message - Rate Limit Exceeded ] error for some products. And i am calling this API for each product ,51 Total under one variation group.

sellbrite api assistance

I want to use sellbrite's Inventory API with php. I'm not a newbie with APIs, but am a novice. I've copied the code that sellbrite has suggested: INSTALLATION $ composer require guzzlehttp/guzzle REQUEST <?php require_once('vendor/autoload.php'); $client = new \GuzzleHttp\Client(); $response = $client->request('GET', 'https://api.sellbrite.com/v1/inventory?limit=100&page=1', [ 'headers' => [ 'Accept' => 'application/json', ], ]); echo $response->getBody(); Question 1: Is INSTALLATION on the server? Question 2: What is the following, and where/how is it used? $ composer require guzzlehttp/guzzle Question 3: How/where does the vendor folder get populated? Question 3: I don't see any code for Authentication.???? Thabnk you, Lynn

Distinguise Between FBA and FBM Orders

I don't think your previous solution works. When I enter our UUID for the FBA warehouse it returns an empty object. My thoughts our this could be because of the conditions for what displays on the Warehouse Fulfillment? In the documentation it says it only displays open orders. Is there another way of seeing what is an FBA order vs what is a FBM Order using the get all orders function of your API?

Differentiate between Amazon FBA and Amazon FBM orders

We need to build out some custom code that requires us to be able to differentiate between whether or not the order is coming from Amazon FBA or Amazon FBM. Would you be able to provide the name of the API field in the order that would contain this data, and what specifically the data in that field would be for both FBM and FBA Amazon orders? Our assumption would be the - channel_type_display_name - field, but wanted to verify, and we also need to know what value would be in this field for both FBA and FBM orders. Is there any other field on the order that can be used to allow us to differentiate between orders that came in through FBM vs FBA? Would the "channel_name" field be a good fit for this? Thank you!

Product Store URL via API POST

Is there any way to add a product store url via the product endpoint in the api? I don't see any parameters that match such a value.

Can the API process order returns?

Hi, Can the API execute order returns on Amazon? We are hoping we don't have to go into Amazon back end execute returns and can either use the API or a CSV file for the job. Please advise if there is any automation for returns


I can pull a single item product using SKU via API, but I need all my products, around 800. Why does this command keep receiving 100 PRODUCTS NOT 800. The documentation specifies LIMIT I put 800 and still get 100. I need to do this DAILY, its not that much data. So why doesnt this return 800 products?? https://api.sellbrite.com/v1/products?page=1&limit=800 I dont want ot have to manually export then Manually import to WooCommerce just to keep fields like MPN, BRAND, CONDITION synced? Can you schedule exports in sellbrite? I created the SQL code in WooCommercey to update my product custom fields like MPN, BRAND, CONDITION from the manually imported file. It's bad enough WooCommerce refuses to add fields like MPN, BRAND, CONDITION that every other platform has for the products. Sellbrite isnt much better it wont pass needed fields it HAS to WooCommerce, like MPN, BRAND, CONDITION. I fixed tht on the WooCommerce side, the fields are available via API with my plugin added. They display on the product page and in when you edit the product. I have my plugin working great and it is part of my other project MaxStoir.Com, so the Condition, MPN, BinLocation, Brand etc are pulled on the fly in WooCommerce and displayed realtime for each product now with my extended fields from Sellbrite: https://tinaswarehouse.com/product/sushi-maker-roller-rice-mold-bazooka-diy-vegetable-meat-rolling-tool-kitchen-us-2/ BUT my first plan was to pull all the data for the Sellbrite Warehouse via API and write it to custom fields I created that can be edited and displayed on the product page. But it got limited to 100. So it forced me to use the Real Time Single Product API call which I like better actually but still frustrating I cant get my products in WooComerce Synced with Prodcuts sitting in Sellbrite.

sb_order_seq not found

Hi. My developer is encountering an issue with tracking number updates via API. When he tries to send the tracking number with a key sb_order_seq, it says the order number was not found. We're also wondering why we GET sb_order_seq as an integer, but we have to POST sb_order_seq as a string. It's weird. I'm afraid something is wrong with your documentation.

Loblaws integration

Hello, When will we have a Loblaws integration? Thank you!

Walmart.ca integration

Hello, When will we have a Walmart.ca integration? We are waiting for it for more than 1 year now. Thank you!