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Curl Patch does not update Inventory

Posted by Ravee Tansangworn about a year ago

I use this command which is from

curl --user <account token>:<secret key> -X PATCH -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{ "inventory": [{"sku":"00002640","description":"NEW Snom M9 2640 Combo Kit IP Phones 2 Handsets, 2 Bases, 2 Batteries, 2 Power Supply”,”warehouse_uuid":"e1f883ca-88b2-4548-95bd-bb028ef8bbac"","on_hand":"1"}] }'

I tried to change description with same SKU but when I check my inventory with

curl --user <account token>:<secret key> ""

got respond but nothing is update. the user ID for this account is

please advice

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