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How to map Feature Set 1-5 to Walmart "Key Features"

Today I can get description and features in Walmart's Product Description field using: <p>{{description}}</p> <ul> <p><li>{{feature_1}}</li></p> <p><li>{{feature_2}}</li></p> <p><li>{{feature_3}}</li></p> <p><li>{{feature_4}}</li></p> <p><li>{{feature_5}}</li></p> </ul> However, Walmarts "key feature" field goes to "@generated". Walmart scores listing quality as low because "key features" do not have at least 3 bullet points. Anyway to get feature set 1-5 mapped to "key features"?

Problem with creating variation group

Hi, I have PHP SITE and want to sync inventory with sellbrite but when i creating variation group with variation group API then its not working.Even no error showing in response when send curl request of variation group . https://api.sellbrite.com/v1/variation_groups/xxxxx Anyone help to fix this ?

Inventory API PUT on hand sync with channels like Amazon & EBAY

Hi, Normally I would just try this, but with the lack of sandbox -- it is bit tricky to test. If we were to update the inventory of a SKU that is on multiple supported channels like Amazon, Ebay and so on.. does the sellbrite system sync the inventory based on the channel rules? or does the API bypasses those internal sellbrite hooks?

while posting product on sellbrite through api getting 500 in response

i'm trying to create product on sellbrite with the help of PRODUCT POST API header = { 'Accept': 'application/json', 'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'Authorization': 'Basic account_token+secret_key' } AND HERE IS MY URL 'https://api.sellbrite.com/v1/products/FURN_6666' AND HERE IS MY PAYLOAD { 'name': 'Acoustic Bloc Screens', ' description': '', 'brand': '', 'category_name': 'Office Furniture', 'store_product_url': 'http://localhost:8069/shop/furn-6666-acoustic-bloc-screens-23', 'manufacturer': '', 'manufacturer_model_number': '', 'upc': '', 'package_unit_of_length': 'inches', 'package_unit_of_weight': 'pounds', 'asin': '', 'package_height': 0, 'package_width': 0, 'package_length': 0, 'package_weight': 0, 'image_list': ['https://i.ibb.co/b7Q6YtR/dfd19fa7d938.png'], 'price': 2950.0 } response = requests.request("POST", url, json=payload, headers=headers) in response.text getting '{"status":500,"error":"Internal Server Error"}' but when i used the post api from ur api reference https://developer.sellbrite.com/reference/products its giving the required result

I am using Extend shipping protection - not syncing with 3PL

Hi - my 3PL is connected to sellbrite via dropstream. I am selling extend shipping protection plan in shopify along with main product. However, dropstream is unable to pull these orders only, all other orders without extend plan show up correctly. Additionally, these orders fulfill all conditions: should be in OPEN status as well as have the correct warehouse linked. Still, these orders are not showing in dropstream. Following is the manual requested URI to see if the orders can be fetched but no result: https://api.sellbrite.com:443/v1/warehouses/fulfillments/80b5ca80-a13d-41a2-84c0-f30089bc923e?sb_status=open&sb_payment_status=all&shipment_status=none&min_ordered_at=2022-09-05T00%3A00%3A00Z&page=1&page_size=100 What needs to be done here?

Idenitify FBA order

Looking at https://api.sellbrite.com/v1/orders/ response, FBA order has ‘null’ in shipping_contact_name": null, shipping_email": null, shipping_company_name": null, shipping_address_1": null, shipping_address_2": null, shipping_address_3": null shipping_phone_number": null, whereas FBM orders have this populated with customer’s info… Is looking at these fields and seeing null a reliable and consistent method of distinguishing FBA order from FBM?

Issue with product variations

I am adding products with variations using api. The custom attributes do get added, and variations are added. However, the field of variation like 'size', 'color' in parent sku remains empty. However, when I get product using api I can see custom attributes as well as variation attributes in it. Why is it showing empty on frontend please?

inventory api issue

Using the Inventory sample provided at https://developer.sellbrite.com/reference/inventory: I supplied the username and password from my authentication credentials I then copied the resulting code and saved it in a file which I called test.php, and transferred it to my server Then I opened test.php in Firefox and received a blank screen I then looked at the error_log, which reported the following: [08-Aug-2022 16:42:58 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'GuzzleHttp\Exception\ClientException' with message 'Client error: `GET https://api.sellbrite.com/v1/inventory?limit=100&page=1` resulted in a `401 Unauthorized` response: HTTP Basic: Access denied. ' in /home/nknvkj3bfe4n/public_html/sellbrite/vendor/guzzlehttp/guzzle/src/Exception/RequestException.php:113 Stack trace: #0 /home/nknvkj3bfe4n/public_html/sellbrite/vendor/guzzlehttp/guzzle/src/Middleware.php(65): GuzzleHttp\Exception\RequestException::create(Object(GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Request), Object(GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Response)) #1 /home/nknvkj3bfe4n/public_html/sellbrite/vendor/guzzlehttp/promises/src/Promise.php(204): GuzzleHttp\Middleware::GuzzleHttp\{closure}(Object(GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Response)) #2 /home/nknvkj3bfe4n/public_html/sellbrite/vendor/guzzlehttp/promises/src/Promise.php(153): GuzzleHttp\Promise\Promise::callHandler(1, Object(GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Response), Array) #3 /home/nknvkj3bfe4n/public_html/sellbrite/vendor/guzzlehttp/promises/src/TaskQueue.php(48): GuzzleHttp\Promise\Promise::Guzzle in /home/nknvkj3bfe4n/public_html/sellbrite/vendor/guzzlehttp/guzzle/src/Exception/RequestException.php on line 113 The path with the 401 error is provided in the sample. If anyone is retrieving inventory, I'd appreciate your assistance. Thank you, Lynn

products > post 500 error - undefined permit

I am trying to post a new product on the API Reference page as below. request: ``` import axios from 'axios'; const options = { method: 'POST', url: 'https://api.sellbrite.com/v1/products/aee20e3f-6352-4248-893b-0037e75fae29', headers: { Accept: 'application/json', 'Content-Type': 'application/json', Authorization: 'Basic xxx }, data: { package_unit_of_length: 'inches', package_unit_of_weight: 'pounds', custom_attributes: ['Restrictions: US sales only, US warranty', 'Packaging: Branded Box'], name: 'Lenovo FLEX 5 14ARE05 2-IN-1 CONVERTIBLE AMD Ryzen™ 7 4700U 2.0GHz 512GB SSD 16GB 14\" (1920x1080) TOUCHSCREEN BT WIN10 Webcam GRAPHITE GREY Backlit Keyboard FP Reader', description: 'Lenovo FLEX 5 14ARE05 2-IN-1 CONVERTIBLE AMD Ryzen™ 7 4700U 2.0GHz 512GB SSD 16GB 14\" (1920x1080) TOUCHSCREEN BT WIN10 Webcam GRAPHITE GREY Backlit Keyboard FP Reader', condition: 'Factory Refurbished', brand: 'Lenovo', manufacturer: 'Lenovo', manufacturer_model_number: '81X20001US', condition_note: 'Product may have minor cosmetic blemishes' } }; axios .request(options) .then(function (response) { console.log(response.data); }) .catch(function (error) { console.error(error); }); ``` response: ``` { "error": { "message": "There was an error with your request. (undefined method `permit!' for #<Array:0x00007f55b58088f8>\nDid you mean? permutation)" } } ``` Help, please.

Cancel Order

Hi, How can I cancel an order using sellbrite api. My store is integrated with etsy platform. Regards